Thursday, December 16, 2010

October, 2010

After being a flowergirl in Auntie Kylie and Uncle Matthew's wedding, she got all her twisty curls...

...which are considerably longer than they look...

cropped off :)
We did love the curls, but not the hairbrushing fights!

And we can still have pigtails, so it's all good.

This month Jasmine has been walking around on her heels, hopping, jumping off everything, teaching Zach to play the xylophone. She can pull herself up onto the tandem swing with Byron. She's had her bedtime toys culled to one or two (when six was not enough) . She made up her own favorite joke. It goes
J: Mummy?
Mum: Jasmine?
J: Yes?
and look out if you muck it up by answering "Yes?" before she does! She's also singing songs and telling stories quite well, and it's fun to start her off on "Skidamarink a dink a dink". hehe. She's also still quoting "Flushed Away", even though we've not seen it for months. At random moments she'll call out
"Give me back my ruby!"
and you have to have the correct response ready, which is "I haven't got your ruby!..." Then you have to have an argument about whether it's real or fake... hehe.

Friday, November 12, 2010

September, 2010

This month Jasmine was promoted to the big bed! That is, her big brother got the normal bed, she got his old bed with the rails, and her little brother got the cot. Hand-me-downs. Good system. Everyone was sick this month with colds and snot and coughs and fevers and vomiting. (Fun for all.)

Here she is having a go at painting, a very popular activity in our house! Auntie Kylie and Uncle Matt gave her this for her birthday, and she loves it. (And I love the smock, thanks!)

Spring rolls! Or anything that can be dipped in sauce. I think sauce is her favorite food.

Trying to make a big bubble loop work as well as Byron's identical one. Hmm.

Helping Mummy make Apple Pie.

Trying on her flowergirl dress, always happy to pose and smile for the camera. She loves the dress but didn't want me to take a photo of her. (The lion's name is "Tiger")

Sunday, October 3, 2010

August, 2010

Wakes up looking gorgeous...

Checking out the noisy steam cars at Sovereign Hill, where Daddy works.
Wearing Mummy's 1920's hat.

A little upset that her boots did not keep her trousers dry and warm

Out of the cot, now, and into a new bed.

Jasmine is talking her head off, now. It's funniest when she comes out with little phrases like "My goodness!" but she seems to be able to say what she needs to. Sometimes she lapses back into mumbo jumbo, mostly when she's a bit tired. She's also pretty good at quoting Mummy ("Do what you're told to do!"), nursery rhyme parts and bits of songs. She remembers her manners most of the time, though once, when Daddy held onto the drink waiting for a thankyou, he got a "Hey! Let go!" instead.
Who needs manners when you've got blue eyes and curls, eh?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

June, 2010

This is a little late, but here are some pictures from June. There's a bit of a theme:
Jasmine and Baby asleep in the car.

Jasmine explaining the dangers of Fire to Baby...

Jasmine and Baby having a snooze

A bit of lunch with Jasmine and Baby...
Baby was a first birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa. The name on the doll's box was "Jasmine", so we've called her Baby every since.

Jasmine this month. The theme here is TV:
J: [long, lound squealing]
Me: What are you doing?
J: "Soupe Opera"'s on!
(note: it's a short TV show where pieces of fruit move around making pictures and stuff, and a soprano opera voice sings Soupe OperAAAAAAAAA!)
J: Grandpa? [shakes biscuit box upside down. She's been watching a kids' show called "Grandpa in my pocket"]
Loves jumping. Tried jumping from the top of a little slide at playgroup, like the older kids. Unfortunately, changed her mind when it was a tiny bit too late! In spite of that, she's continued to jump off things since.
Can go from sitting on floor to standing, knees always together, without using her hands.
When in trouble, rattles out a quick, "Sorry, Mummy; I will, Mummy!"
Sometimes wakes up yelling, "Arthur!" (instead of "Mummy") because she hears the cartoon on.
Thinks if she turns over the bubblewrap she can pop the other side.
"Hop it! Hop it!" (telling Byron to go away, using a quote from "Flushed Away".)
See below for "July". Posts are a bit out of order here :D

July, 2010

One unusually nice day in July, climbing around on the old buggy frame with Byron.

Birthday presents from Mummy (jumper) and her Uncle Simon, Auntie Esther and Sydney Cousins.

Just a bit of birthday cake... :P

Presents in the mail from Auntie Seona, Uncle Chris and her Ballarat Cousins

Making herself a bubblewrap bed on her favorite empty bookshelf shelf.

Phrases are taking off this month. She'll ask for things, like Byron does.
"Swap a the sides, By?"
"I have a milo, please, Mummy?"
She's into pretending, like being Byron's dog, "FellaBella". She stays in character pretty well, too. Even if you ask her, "Would you like some chocolate?" she'll reply, "WOOF!" And she can pretend to be a baby (like her baby brother...?) for ages.
Food is often something else. She wouldn't eat the last two bits of pancake on her plate, because one was the dinosaur, and the other was Dino's pancake.
She's picked up Byron's handy "Get out of trouble" phrase. If you say, "Do you need a new nappy?" or "Did you tip that on the floor?" she'll say, "Maybe Byron!" (He deserves it.)
She's also discovered the fun game of "Spinning with your eyes shut". hehe.
Me: You're supposed to eat them (biscuits)
J: No! They're cars!
Me: What are you doing?
J: Nuffin!
She "reads" herself familiar picture books, and is getting good at remembering chunks of nursery rhymes, songs and stories. She can sometimes count to ten (including number 9).
I've also heard her several times, calling Byron other random names: Hi Sam? John! Come here, John! Buddy! I think she just does it to annoy him, because it works! Sometimes she calls me "Dear" (as Daddy does). Zachy has been promoted to Zachady.
[to Zach, when he sneezed] Bless your socks, Baby.
Mummy Mummy Spider!! Ah scared!! (re cobweb)
Possessives are big this month.
That's mine! (overused)
It's my turn. (also overused!)
No, Mummy; that's Byron's! (she's onto the "handmedown" scam...)
Byron's got my ... (hehehe)

Monday, June 14, 2010

May, 2010

Jasmine this month:
She apologizes at the drop of a hat. Apologizes when she is in trouble, but also when Byron is told to apologize, and as a response to his apology, or if she does something she thinks might be naughty. hehe. She likes to crowd stuffed toys into bed with her. She particularly favors "Baby" (her doll), but loves them all. She introduces her toys to Zachary, and makes the toy and the brother wave to each other. She pretends to be a cat (a high pitched one that yells MEW! quite a bit.) She loves playgroup and has gone from freaking out if she can't see Mummy, to not particularly caring if Mummy follows her in or not Ü. She asks Byron for a cuddle or kiss, and has enough vocabulary now to ask for most things she wants (in a disjointed sort of way). She's unfortunately also realized that she's got power over smaller kids, and has enjoyed yelling at them and pushing them over to make them cry. Sigh. She counts to 10 (but refuses to acknowledge the existence of 9) and sings along with lots of songs. She calls her big brother "By" (though we never called him that) and, even though she will obediently attempt "By ra" when Daddy instructs her, she will then run off saying, "Come om, By, a go ou'side!" Heh.
Hi, Gorgeous! (to Byron's crocodile puppet)
I nuv By. I nuv my brada. (awww!)

Friday, May 7, 2010

April, 2010

Helping make pancakes (when Byron was away with Grandma C).

Already has a very clear preference for "lots of shoes"

Photo by Byron:

Jasmine: March and April:
I dunno where he is (somehow in three syllables, like :ay duh wais)
Where are you, By?
Cuddle baby?
Don't do it!
Fushed Away!!! (favorite cartoon. Also likes, Roary, Timmy Time, Fireman Sam, Chuggington.)
Hi, Gorgeous!
[knocks on door herself] :Kelly?!
Flags! (to the towels on the washing line)
While sobbing: EE I EE I OH. (she also likes to sing along with Baa baa black sheep, Twinkle Twinkle and the ABC song).
Mew mew MEW! (likes to pretend to be a loud cat)
"yukky poo, yukky poo, wash fingers, wash fingers, clap clap clap" (a song she made up on the change table)
S'ok, s'ok... you're not hurt.
Come om, By!
Go away!
Sit down!
My turn, now!
Wait there. Ready set go!
Chockette!! Yes pease, Mummy!
Also perfected the stairs (no hands) and a both-feet jump/landing (off the treadmill)Playing with toast: sheep maa pig cow MOO

Friday, April 9, 2010

March, 2010

Think she's starting to envy Byron because he has a big bed and she has a cot. She often climbs into bed for fun.
Pretending to be a dusty book :D


Takes a bit of effort to temporarily tame the curls

Friday, March 5, 2010


Getting a tow


Cuddle Baby!

Wearing her 1st birthday present (still too big!)

In the trailer :)
Jasmine this month:
Had an ear infection (we assume). Was upset and vomiting in the night, then couldn't balance for a few days! Kind of funny to watch (poor little girl!)
"Reads" books to Zachary. Asks for books to be read to her a lot.
Spotted carefully walking down the back steps, forwards without using her hands.
Climbing up ladders and going down slides confidently.
She's really starting to get her point across this month, with her increasing ability to string things together, such as...
favorite nursery rhyme: "A tishoo A tishoo All fall down!"
"Hahaha! Funny!"
"By Hit!" (crying on Daddy's shoulder and telling on Byron)
"Cuddle baby!" (holding out arms)
"See? A fly!"
"Want a hat!"

Friday, February 5, 2010

January, 2010

I've been a bit slack this month, sleeping lots, having babies and not taking enough photos. I only have a couple from January, and most of them seem to be of Byron and Jasmine together. I didn't even write down (or pay much attention to) the funny things they said, but I'll be better next month ;)

Summer in the sandpit

Carding wool for Mummy

Visiting new baby brother, Zachary

Getting a cuddle from Byron

Sitting under the kitchen table.