Monday, August 10, 2009

July, 2009

The hair!

We really have to tie it up each day to keep it out of her eyes. It's long enough for a fountain on top and two teeny pigtails at the back Ü


This was probably her favorite present all morning... a cheap rubber ball from KMart! Her favorite a bit later was this doll from Grandma and Grandpa. It had "Jasmine" on the box, but we just call it "baby". She loves kissing its head and poking its eyelashes Ü

The next Sunday we had a party, with icecream cake, and all the usual suspects: Zara, Elanor, Josh, Scotty and Elyse, plus cousins Abby, Tim, Ben and Ezra (and parents).

This is Jasmine on my knee after a bottle. She has a night-time routine now, which is Pyjamas, Story, Bottle and Bed.

She goes to bed between 7 and 7:30pm, and hardly ever cries, now that she has a new favorite birthday present to squeeze...

Uncle Matt bought her "Pluto" and most nights when I put her in the cot, she cuddles him tight and shuts her eyes, just like that. What a little cherub! Of course, I took that picture in the middle of the day, after she had a short battle with Sleep, and that's why she collapsed sideways in her cot. Ü
What did Jasmine get up to this month? She was promoted from the port-a-cot to the cot, started working on a range of words, and worked out that walking is better for your knees than crawling.
Her favorite word is "Buh" (which means bath, book, ball, bounce and boo). Variations on this great word include
"buhd" (bird)
"baaaak buk buk buk" (what a chicken says)
"bup" (beep and burp)
"Baa" (Barley, one of the sheep)
"Bay" (baby)
"By" (Byron and bye)
Other words she's got in the vocabulary this month are
"eh-yoh" (hello, while waving madly or chatting into a "phone" of some sort)
"da" "deh" "di" (that, there and this, it seems, while she's pointing at something interesting)
"ah be seh" (while poking her hand, which seems to be "sing the sign language alphabet song, thanks, Mummy.")
"Day" (Daisy, the other sheep)
"aaaaaaah ticka ticka ticka" (building suspense before the tickling, just like Daddy does)
"ra ra ra" (round and round and round)
"Uh!" (up)
"woof!" (looooves dogs)
"gulla gulla gulla" (all the rest of the words we say, apparently)
She also chats to the clock each day, in "clock". She clucks her tongue at the clock in the bathroom, and then gets all giggly and shy when it ticks back Ü
She follows Byron around all day, and climbs all over the treadmill and up onto the couch with him. They also wrestle a bit and tickle each other, giggling madly. She went from 5 steps (on July 8) to 7 (July 17th) to 10 (July 21st) to 30 (July 25th), and now she walks everywhere. She's tried Byron's old size 6 shoes, which fit well, but she hates them (and socks). She eats almost everything we give her, and especially loves peas (weird!). She's learned to do nice (non-licking, mouth shut) kisses, which is utterly cute. She's very affectionate, and loves sitting with Byron in the rocking chair, leaning on him, and kissing all her toys with a big "mmmmmmAH". She even been seen cuddling pictures of babies in magazines