Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Pinwheel sweater, knitted by her mum

Pink with ribbons.

I got the bug!

This is food? Oh... I think I'm going to need some MORE!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Modelling a jumper knit by her mummy. Sadly, not for her Ü

Wearing Byron's old baby clothes.


My first parcel!!!

It's a quilt with my name on it!!
The underside of the quilt, made by clever Nola (who made a similar one for Byron)

Flaked out on the floor

Trying to do situps

Cuddling Paws

Dressed up for church. The hair is long enough for a hairclip, but so slippery it falls out easily.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Weight this month (Sept 2 - 8 weeks old): 5310 grams. Had her 2 month injections that day, too, and didn't care for them much at all. Once she settled down, she fell asleep, but carried on with the occasional little sob, just to let me know she was not happy.

My First Bonfire

All stripey because of the bars of the playpen she sleeps in (during the day).

Just a little grin

Looking down on Jasmine, asleep on the seat of an old armchair.

Testing out her big brother's cot

The big blue ball would slowly roll towards her (being not quite round) and she would push it away with her feet. It was a fun game.

Unlike the rest of her family, she has very blue eyes

Wearing one of her 000 tops, which is nearly too tight and short, and Byron's old 00 brown jeans


Weight is going up well (she loves her milk!). August 19 (6 weeks old) - 4990 grams (up 1.11kg since birth). Around the 75th percentile.

All dressed for her first day at church

All out of clothes (as they were in the wash or needing a wash).

Denim overalls (makes her eyes look bluer Ü)

Asleep on the blanket on the floor

Little toes, sticking out of the yellow blanket which was once her mummy's baby blanket.

Friday, July 25, 2008

July 26

Is anything cuter than a sleeping baby?
I LOVE baths!

Pink, frilly and ready to go shopping with Mummy...

Jasmine with a new teddy

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our little girl

- Jasmine Mae -
born July 8, 2008
weight: 3880g
length: 53cm
Just after her first bath, about 12 hours after she was born.

Wrapped up tight

All dressed up in all-in-one, jeans, jumper, gloves (really socks) and hat, ready to go home.

The birth
All natural, this time, which was a much better experience than Byron's induction. Pain control was just showers and baths this time, and the whole labor took about 4-5 hours. (It's hard to judge what "the beginning" is, as it's officially "when contractions get painful", and they go from uncomfortable to painful over time...).

She was born at 9:36pm, and they let us go home after 2 nights in hospital. Everyone is well, and being looked after by Jasmine's daddy. Big Brother Byron was a little bit jealous, but lucky for him, she sleeps quietly all day long (so far) so there is plenty of time for him, too.

Welcome home, little girl!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So far...

12 weeks

20 weeks