Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our little girl

- Jasmine Mae -
born July 8, 2008
weight: 3880g
length: 53cm
Just after her first bath, about 12 hours after she was born.

Wrapped up tight

All dressed up in all-in-one, jeans, jumper, gloves (really socks) and hat, ready to go home.

The birth
All natural, this time, which was a much better experience than Byron's induction. Pain control was just showers and baths this time, and the whole labor took about 4-5 hours. (It's hard to judge what "the beginning" is, as it's officially "when contractions get painful", and they go from uncomfortable to painful over time...).

She was born at 9:36pm, and they let us go home after 2 nights in hospital. Everyone is well, and being looked after by Jasmine's daddy. Big Brother Byron was a little bit jealous, but lucky for him, she sleeps quietly all day long (so far) so there is plenty of time for him, too.

Welcome home, little girl!

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