Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June, 2009

Jasmine this month: 11months

She's saying Dadda, Mumum and By quite often, and clearly knows who she's talking about. Especially Her Beloved "By", though why she adores him when he pushes her around so much is anybody's guess! She also says "bye" when waving goodbye, and "wuh wuh wuh" (what a dog says), "go go go!" (latest favorite), "Wow!". She tries to say hello, I think, and even nods her head sometimes for "yes", which is pretty funny.

At her 12 month visit to the health care nurse, she weighed 10.7kg and was 77cm tall. She loves plonking onto the beanbag still, and shredding tissues, she walks 3 or 4 steps; she loves crawling all over the treadmill with Byron, and she can blow raspberries on her own calves. She pulls apart and fixes Byron's screwdriver, and she's slowly getting the hang of spoons and forks.

Now, on with cute photos...

This is Jasmine saying, "Oh, hi, Aunti Kelll.....zzzzzzzz". Fell asleep on her two nanoseconds after Kelly picked her up. Stayed that way for ages, even with her big cousins running all around.

Here playing with a flexible circular knitting needle. She was pulling it through her mouth over and over for about 10 minutes Ü

New pyjamas!! Suddenly she went from "still a baby" in her sleeping bag to "almost a toddler-child" in proper pj's.

Couldn't recall if I had a bath pic in this blog yet, but I figure she couldn't possibly ever hate me for posting this one Ü

Loves having her hair brushed and brushes it herself a bit. Never seems to mind having it tied up (which is just as well).

Visiting the gardens in Smythesdale one cool Winter Day.

Found her sitting here (at lunch time) under Byron's high chair. He was dropping down 2-minute noodles for her. He loves sharing... sometimes. She was surrounded by them (and was eating them off the floor... why not?) and had quite a few in her hair.