Tuesday, February 17, 2009

January 09

Our little Jazzem. She's a happy little vegemite (except when she's tired) and patiently puts up with a lot from her big brother. She can sit up, although she normally topples within a minute, and she is very good at manipulating things with her hands. She goes shopping with her Mummy every Friday night, making friends with anyone who looks at her. She is also getting a bit naughty at night; she doesn't want to go to sleep. We have had to be heavy handed tonight (letting her cry a few minutes, giving her a cuddle, then putting her down to cry a few more minutes.) She did not approve, but she was basically crying in her sleep, and eventually she gave in.

She sleeps like a log once she's properly asleep, not waking up until 7 or 8am most days. She eats well. She loves veges (even peas!) and mush-able biscuits and watermelon rind. She hardly ever cries when Byron takes her toys, and she giggles when he sits on her back (making it hard for Byron to understand why we make him get off). This last weekend she's finally figured out how to go from her tummy to her back whenever she likes. She had been going onto her tummy for a while, then crying because she was stuck. Now she just cries when she comes up against a wall Ü

Here are some pictures from January.

Headbands are good. Her hair hangs past her eyes at the front. Mummy doesn't want to cut her a fringe.

One day Jasmine is not going to believe she was ever this short!

Sleeping pics are so cute. Sigh. Note the Christmas dress from Uncle Simon and Auntie Esther. Sweet.

Another Christmas present, from Uncle Matthew. She loves wool, so Dolly is quite popular!

Out on the garden seat.

Walking in Auntie Kelly's imaginary garden (the First Christmas Quilt).