Friday, March 11, 2011

November, 2010

Loves her baby brother, but is a bit frustrated that he does not want to sit on her knee and be her toy baby like he's supposed to...

This is Jasmine checking out ants with Byron. She loves and adores all tiny bugs, and adopts them ("These ants are all mine!"), especially milipedes, ants and snails.

She can hoist herself up onto this swing, and now she's also mastered independent swinging. She's just a little bit proud of herself...

Typical Jasmine, off somewhere with an armful of soft toys, playing hospitals or picnics or something.

Caught squeezing mayo onto a spoon.
Went to a craft market with just Mummy.
Look, Byron! I'm hiding! See?
Jasmine: Mummy?
Nathan: I'm not Mummy.
J: Daddy? You're the Daddy. (to me:) Daddy, you're the Mummy.
J: (eating a pretend sandwich made of two books)
Me: What's in your sandwich?
J: (opens her mouth to give me a look.)