Thursday, December 3, 2009

November, 2009

What's the cheeky chick up to this month? Well, she's up and dancing with Playschool a lot more, copying the actions and dancing much more than her big brother does even now. She especially loves "In the Night Garden" and a You Tube video of Beaker (from the Muppets) singing "Ode to Joy".
She can entertain herself for ages playing with somebody's boots or her hairclip, and if you take her to MacDonalds she'll go up and down the slide. She's up to 120-odd words, and is stringing a few together, like "More Grapes!" or "read a book".
She still loves all the soft toys, and cuddles and kisses them all day, and sleeps with Pluto or Lion or Roo. She can click her fingers and "High Five". She'll tap on the kitchen table, calling for "Tea?" (in a "where are you?" sort of voice). She also likes to sit on my knee and push her hand into mine, so I'll hold it Ü

Blue eyes and pigtails...

Hey, it's good yogurt. Want some?

Keeping her hair out of her eyes is a bit tricky. Pigtails work well for a while.

The back of her head; she's sitting on my knee reading a book. When it's wet in the bath it reaches the middle of her shoulderblades... for a few seconds Ü

She likes to "read", though it doesn't make much difference if the book is upside down.