Monday, June 14, 2010

May, 2010

Jasmine this month:
She apologizes at the drop of a hat. Apologizes when she is in trouble, but also when Byron is told to apologize, and as a response to his apology, or if she does something she thinks might be naughty. hehe. She likes to crowd stuffed toys into bed with her. She particularly favors "Baby" (her doll), but loves them all. She introduces her toys to Zachary, and makes the toy and the brother wave to each other. She pretends to be a cat (a high pitched one that yells MEW! quite a bit.) She loves playgroup and has gone from freaking out if she can't see Mummy, to not particularly caring if Mummy follows her in or not Ü. She asks Byron for a cuddle or kiss, and has enough vocabulary now to ask for most things she wants (in a disjointed sort of way). She's unfortunately also realized that she's got power over smaller kids, and has enjoyed yelling at them and pushing them over to make them cry. Sigh. She counts to 10 (but refuses to acknowledge the existence of 9) and sings along with lots of songs. She calls her big brother "By" (though we never called him that) and, even though she will obediently attempt "By ra" when Daddy instructs her, she will then run off saying, "Come om, By, a go ou'side!" Heh.
Hi, Gorgeous! (to Byron's crocodile puppet)
I nuv By. I nuv my brada. (awww!)