Thursday, December 16, 2010

October, 2010

After being a flowergirl in Auntie Kylie and Uncle Matthew's wedding, she got all her twisty curls...

...which are considerably longer than they look...

cropped off :)
We did love the curls, but not the hairbrushing fights!

And we can still have pigtails, so it's all good.

This month Jasmine has been walking around on her heels, hopping, jumping off everything, teaching Zach to play the xylophone. She can pull herself up onto the tandem swing with Byron. She's had her bedtime toys culled to one or two (when six was not enough) . She made up her own favorite joke. It goes
J: Mummy?
Mum: Jasmine?
J: Yes?
and look out if you muck it up by answering "Yes?" before she does! She's also singing songs and telling stories quite well, and it's fun to start her off on "Skidamarink a dink a dink". hehe. She's also still quoting "Flushed Away", even though we've not seen it for months. At random moments she'll call out
"Give me back my ruby!"
and you have to have the correct response ready, which is "I haven't got your ruby!..." Then you have to have an argument about whether it's real or fake... hehe.