Sunday, October 3, 2010

August, 2010

Wakes up looking gorgeous...

Checking out the noisy steam cars at Sovereign Hill, where Daddy works.
Wearing Mummy's 1920's hat.

A little upset that her boots did not keep her trousers dry and warm

Out of the cot, now, and into a new bed.

Jasmine is talking her head off, now. It's funniest when she comes out with little phrases like "My goodness!" but she seems to be able to say what she needs to. Sometimes she lapses back into mumbo jumbo, mostly when she's a bit tired. She's also pretty good at quoting Mummy ("Do what you're told to do!"), nursery rhyme parts and bits of songs. She remembers her manners most of the time, though once, when Daddy held onto the drink waiting for a thankyou, he got a "Hey! Let go!" instead.
Who needs manners when you've got blue eyes and curls, eh?