Sunday, September 21, 2008


Weight this month (Sept 2 - 8 weeks old): 5310 grams. Had her 2 month injections that day, too, and didn't care for them much at all. Once she settled down, she fell asleep, but carried on with the occasional little sob, just to let me know she was not happy.

My First Bonfire

All stripey because of the bars of the playpen she sleeps in (during the day).

Just a little grin

Looking down on Jasmine, asleep on the seat of an old armchair.

Testing out her big brother's cot

The big blue ball would slowly roll towards her (being not quite round) and she would push it away with her feet. It was a fun game.

Unlike the rest of her family, she has very blue eyes

Wearing one of her 000 tops, which is nearly too tight and short, and Byron's old 00 brown jeans

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kelgell said...

She looks like a baby now rather than a newborn. It's like you can see character shaping now. And that photo of her with the ball, it took me a second to register she was lying down (obviously) but it looked like she was standing up.