Sunday, August 15, 2010

July, 2010

One unusually nice day in July, climbing around on the old buggy frame with Byron.

Birthday presents from Mummy (jumper) and her Uncle Simon, Auntie Esther and Sydney Cousins.

Just a bit of birthday cake... :P

Presents in the mail from Auntie Seona, Uncle Chris and her Ballarat Cousins

Making herself a bubblewrap bed on her favorite empty bookshelf shelf.

Phrases are taking off this month. She'll ask for things, like Byron does.
"Swap a the sides, By?"
"I have a milo, please, Mummy?"
She's into pretending, like being Byron's dog, "FellaBella". She stays in character pretty well, too. Even if you ask her, "Would you like some chocolate?" she'll reply, "WOOF!" And she can pretend to be a baby (like her baby brother...?) for ages.
Food is often something else. She wouldn't eat the last two bits of pancake on her plate, because one was the dinosaur, and the other was Dino's pancake.
She's picked up Byron's handy "Get out of trouble" phrase. If you say, "Do you need a new nappy?" or "Did you tip that on the floor?" she'll say, "Maybe Byron!" (He deserves it.)
She's also discovered the fun game of "Spinning with your eyes shut". hehe.
Me: You're supposed to eat them (biscuits)
J: No! They're cars!
Me: What are you doing?
J: Nuffin!
She "reads" herself familiar picture books, and is getting good at remembering chunks of nursery rhymes, songs and stories. She can sometimes count to ten (including number 9).
I've also heard her several times, calling Byron other random names: Hi Sam? John! Come here, John! Buddy! I think she just does it to annoy him, because it works! Sometimes she calls me "Dear" (as Daddy does). Zachy has been promoted to Zachady.
[to Zach, when he sneezed] Bless your socks, Baby.
Mummy Mummy Spider!! Ah scared!! (re cobweb)
Possessives are big this month.
That's mine! (overused)
It's my turn. (also overused!)
No, Mummy; that's Byron's! (she's onto the "handmedown" scam...)
Byron's got my ... (hehehe)

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kelgell said...

He he he. All so cute. She's got quite an imagination it seems. OOo, have to come and play again one day.