Friday, March 5, 2010


Getting a tow


Cuddle Baby!

Wearing her 1st birthday present (still too big!)

In the trailer :)
Jasmine this month:
Had an ear infection (we assume). Was upset and vomiting in the night, then couldn't balance for a few days! Kind of funny to watch (poor little girl!)
"Reads" books to Zachary. Asks for books to be read to her a lot.
Spotted carefully walking down the back steps, forwards without using her hands.
Climbing up ladders and going down slides confidently.
She's really starting to get her point across this month, with her increasing ability to string things together, such as...
favorite nursery rhyme: "A tishoo A tishoo All fall down!"
"Hahaha! Funny!"
"By Hit!" (crying on Daddy's shoulder and telling on Byron)
"Cuddle baby!" (holding out arms)
"See? A fly!"
"Want a hat!"

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kelgell said...

Mm, she is getting good with her words. She looks so delighted to be holding Z too.