Friday, November 12, 2010

September, 2010

This month Jasmine was promoted to the big bed! That is, her big brother got the normal bed, she got his old bed with the rails, and her little brother got the cot. Hand-me-downs. Good system. Everyone was sick this month with colds and snot and coughs and fevers and vomiting. (Fun for all.)

Here she is having a go at painting, a very popular activity in our house! Auntie Kylie and Uncle Matt gave her this for her birthday, and she loves it. (And I love the smock, thanks!)

Spring rolls! Or anything that can be dipped in sauce. I think sauce is her favorite food.

Trying to make a big bubble loop work as well as Byron's identical one. Hmm.

Helping Mummy make Apple Pie.

Trying on her flowergirl dress, always happy to pose and smile for the camera. She loves the dress but didn't want me to take a photo of her. (The lion's name is "Tiger")

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kelgell said...

She's so gorgeous. And such a little girl. Will be fun to do crafty stuff with her if she keeps up her enthusiasm.