Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sept 09

This month Jasmine is improving her climbing skills (though she fell off the stairs once) in an attempt to keep up with her big brother, vertically. Climbing into the big pot is only a little challenge...

What a bargain, for $15.50!

At the playground

Good old two minute noodles Ü Check out the plait...

Oops... the mud got me! (Mummy might have been laughing as she took this, having seen her faceplant in the "sand"pit...)

She talks all the time, but mostly babble. She seems to know what she's saying, though. She even talks in her sleep (and kisses things: mmmmmah!). Her favorite hobbies are putting things into people's shoes, kissing her toys, following Byron, and dancing to good music. (She worked out with one toy that if you open it quickly three times you can skip the "talking" and get back to the song.) She knows that if she drinks fast she can often get some of Byron's (by stealing or looking pitifully thirsty), and she's completely fascinated with babies. She gets offended if I try and hold her milk bottle (she can do it herself, thanks) and follows instructions (as it suits her Ü). She asks for things (toast, 'num', up) and has a waiting tolerance of about 2 seconds! She recognizes pictures in her books, especially animals, and knows a bunch of animal sounds (chickens, duck, cows, sheep, lions, tigers, cats, dogs...) She's getting the hang of heaps of little words (here's what I can remember in addition to what I've listed other months):
buhsh (brush, n & v)
toas (toast)
uff (up)
dow (down)
Yes! (with a nod Ü)
puss (push)
buss (bounce)
yoosh (shoes)
doe! (don't)
no (usually while she's doing something naughty, like stealing the remote)
num! (yum/let me have your food/I'm hungry!)
oh dear (when she drops something)
Dais (Daisy the sheep)
Bah (Barley the sheep)
Bay (baby)
so by the time she's 2-and-a-half she'll probably be talking as much as her big brother is now. Imagine that... two of them...!

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kelgell said...

Oh so cute and certainly growing up. She's a little person. I don't imagine it will be long before she gets out heaps more words and takes off even more than now.