Sunday, September 6, 2009

August, 2009

This month:

Gave up crawling. Visited Sovereign Hill; didn't think the Battery was too loud, by the way she was bopping her head to the beat. Found a way to eat the black grot that's hard to clean out of the windowsill (lick your finger and poke it in). Got two new teeth: one to the left of the top front two, and one to the right of her bottom front two.

Laughing at Daddy (he was banging on the door to give her a fright, which is, obviously, lots of fun.

Still Looooves "Baby".

Ack! Stupid shoes! (These are Byron's old 'first shoes' but she hated them for a while, and would barely move her feet.)

After an exhausting "walk" around the lake (including playing in a pen full of baby animals at the Farmer's Market).

"Wow, this reading caper is soooo easy." Loves those board books.

New words:

roh roh (roll roll)
UP! (very useful command)
bess (bless, when someone sneezes)
puss (push)
baahs? (bath!!!!!?)
wa da (water)
catch (waves the ball around; you drop it less when you don't let it go.)
cugga (cuddle)
Mooooore! (more icecream, please Daddy!)

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