Thursday, November 5, 2009

October 2009

Playing with Poppy (the doll Mummy knitted her)

Climbing up onto the window ledge now... anything to get closer to those fascinating flies!

Birthday present (rocking horse) that she's finally mastered her fear of, now that she can climb on and off without falling over Ü

After a faceplant in her brother's mudpit.

I can climb up onto the kitchen chairs... um... but help me down!
It's vocabulary time! Now that Jasmine's a few days off being 16 months old, her list of words is well over 70 (not including animal sounds). She's figured it out, as Byron did; suddenly... AHA! Talking gets me stuff!
She also tears around the place in Byron's old spiderman shoes, leaning forward, arms back, like a jet. She makes her toys kiss each other, and growls at Byron if he's trying to intimidate her. She climbs onto her rocking horse, but makes car sounds. She spins until she falls over, dizzy. She also did eventually learn to climb down off the kitchen chairs (and, of course, further up onto the kitchen table!)

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