Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Summer, 2011-12

All these are from Feb so far. I'm getting slack with sorting and uploading again, I know :)

Under one of the trees at the school where we go to Play Group.
Feeding an orphan lamb

Bottlefed lambs are like puppies. Jasmine played with him so much... I was relieved he survived!
What other colors do you need if you have pink?

Modeling a rainbow hat

Licking the butter a-la Auntie Kelly :D

This Summer
-she has taken up skipping, at a rate of about 4 skips a minute.
-she learned to do imaginary (but important) magic. (taps Mummy with a book and states "My pink fairy book can sparkle you up pretty and pink")
-Had her 3.5y checkup and weighed 19.6kg and measured 107cm (>97th percentile for both)
-is always hungry!
-Can count well and learns a lot from Playschool and Sesame Street, etc.
-Picks up random things easily, like the words to songs from Oklahoma or dance moves from Hairspray
-Has a multitude of imaginary friends (mainly characters from cartoons, like Buzz and Diego)
-Also makes up imaginary friends ("I like sparkley pink horses, Mum. I'm going to ride on mine all day!")
-Also makes friends with anybody and everybody who will talk to her, and professes her love for all. Even her brothers.
-Cried a lot when we had to leave Byron crying at Kinder :)

She's a soft-hearted, affection-filled, girly girl. She's smart, and a little stubborn. She doesn't need much more punishment than a stern word (because that seems to hurt plenty). Mummy thinks she might grow up to be an actress. Jasmine's main ambition is to own a big pink crane.


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Ha ha. Love her.

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