Tuesday, December 6, 2011

August and Spring 2011

Wearing her supersized rainbow scarf

Enjoying some Winter sun

Her "I'm a pink pussy cat" phase becomes reality at Play Group :)

Sick day. Fell asleep on the couch.

Doesn't much like having her hair tied up, so she holds it back like this a lot.

Spent a good 5 minutes sideways on her chair, reading this fascinating realestate junk mail.

Fairy picnic. Another Playing Fair favorite.

Loving purple this month, though she swears her favorite is still pink

She loved this little frog Daddy caught for her, and was sad to let it go at the end of the day.

New haircut and a lollypop :)

First attempt ever at peeling a potato. It took a few minutes, but she did a great job.

August, September, October, November

To Zachary: Sweetheart!

Jasmine (putting on Pullups): Mummy, I did it! I've got a new bottom... a pink one!

J: Maybe tomorrow, when I'm a grown up.

J: "Last year..." (meaning "the other day")

J: "When I was a grown up..." (meaning when she grows up)

(wakes up crying) I want my daddy!!

(on her dirty fingers): My fingers are GaDucksing!

J: Don't say "no", Mummy; say, "Not yet, my dear."

Calls bare feet "feet shoes"

Jasmine: I'm NOT contrary!

Frequently talks about herself in the third person, as "your pink baby". "Mummy, your pink baby is sleeping in my bed!"

Sent a handprint to Kathyn, the girl she picked to sponsor (through World Vision) in Nicaragua.

Weight, Nov 26. 18kg.


kelgell said...

LOL. The way her mind is sorting things out. So cute. Wow. She's growing up. Nice for you that she wants daddy when she wakes up crying. He he. And the 'disgusting' made me laugh too.

kelgell said...

Ooo love the pictures. The lounging and reading one is great. She's such a girly girl. He he. Awesome potato peeling too. She looks like Byron in that pic. I think it's the expression.