Tuesday, July 12, 2011

April 2011

Apologies: I'm very behind in updating the blogs. Unfortunately all my recent pictures just got wiped with the death of the laptop. If you have any photos from this month, please send them, and I'll edit the posts as able.

Jasmine: calling Byron "Elvis"... because she is Fireman Sam.

J (looking at a pic of Zach wearing a green square beanie): That's not Zachy. That's Shrek!

Me: Whoever is sitting at the table can have some strawberries.
J: Byron, can you get down from the table so I can have LOTS of strawberries?

Likes to sleep with her head under her pillow.

Me (to Jasmine, who's about to put her boots on backwards): Other way.
J - turns 360 degrees and glares at her boots

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kelgell said...

Little smart alec. LOL. Love the table/more strawberries logic.