Friday, June 5, 2009

May, 2009

This month Jasmine turned 10 months, and has stood without holding on for 3 or 4 seconds... as long as she doesn't know she's doing it. She's cuddling and playing with toys, pressing buttons, and grizzling when not hurt to get her brother in trouble!
She's got two top teeth as well as her two bottom teeth, and she likes to invite other babies to put their fingers in for a test... (sorry, again, Sam!) She stands up and plonks facefirst, arms up, into the bean bag. She doesn't mind having her hair done at all (which is just as well) but won't wear hats.
She loves to sit on Mummy's knee and stare at Daddy until he notices, then give him a big coy smile. She's becoming more and more "Daddy's girl" every day. She can say "mum" and "dad" and "By" and "Bd" (bird).

Typical response to the words, "Come here!"

I kind of hate this dress... until I put it on her with purple leggings.

Loves to crawl behind the couch. Usually following Byron.

Wearing the pinwheel "big" way around now. Think she was about 10kg on the blood bank scales. She's slimming down a bit, now, but she's quite tall.

"What? I am helping unpack the groceries!" Check out the fountain-head Ü

Loves Byron's old bouncy. Esther gave us this and it's been very well-used.

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kelgell said...

She's at such a cute stage. So gorgeous. Such lovely character.